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Changes between Version 9 and Version 10 of 3Ware

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    1515You should not expect any problems with theses drivers which are known to be '''mature''' and '''stable'''.[[BR]]
    1616We don't know any current Linux distrubtion which miss theses drivers so no additional step should be required to get it working.
     19= Management and reporting tools =
     21It currently exists '''no opensource tools''' for the 3Ware cards.
     22However, 3Ware provides two proprietary utilities for x86 and x86_64 linux systems.
     24== tw_cli ==
     26tw_cli is a command line tool to manage and monitore Eskaled cards. It works fine with 7000 and 8000 cards, as well as with the 9000 series.
     29== 3dm2 ==
     313DM2 is a Web applications with an embedded web servers that allow use to do the same things than with tw_cli but graphical.
     32It's works fine and doesn't rely on insane dependencies like java, tomcat or something else.