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1. Card information

MegaRAID is the legacy high-end RAID controllers series by LSI.
It is fully hardware RAIDs controllers supporting RAID5, at least, with various SCSI interfaces.
If you're a looking for information about MegaRAID with SAS or SATA connectors, please look at LSIMegaRAIDSAS instead.

All theses card can be used with stock Linux kernel which includes a working driver. Both opensource reporting
tool and proprietary management utilities exists.

Even there are old and deprecated, theses cards are a good choice for Linux, because of their great support.

2. Linux kernel drivers

Driver Supported cards
megaraid_mm & megaraid_mbox LSI MegaRAID

megaraid_mm and megaraid_mbox have been part of the mainstream Linux kernel for a while and should be available in all current Linux distributions.

If your card use megaraid_sas driver, please lookg at LSIMegaRAIDSAS instead.

Some lspci -nn' output examples:

  • 02:0e.0 RAID bus controller [0104]: Dell PowerEdge? Expandable RAID controller 4 [1028:0013] (rev 06)
  • 04:03.0 RAID bus controller [0104]: Dell PowerEdge? Expandable RAID controller 4/Di [1028:000f] (rev 02)

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