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Changes between Version 42 and Version 43 of LSIMegaRAIDSAS

10/14/09 15:22:43 (10 years ago)
Adam Cécile

Add a section to rebuild a drive by hand



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    398397'''References (extracted from Dell !OpenManage doc):'''
    413412    * Cache I/O. Specifies that all reads are buffered in cache memory.
    414413    * Direct I/O. Specifies that reads are not buffered in cache memory. When using direct I/O, data is transferred to the controller cache and the host system simultaneously during a read request. If a subsequent read request requires data from the same data block, it can be read directly from the controller cache. The direct I/O setting does not override the cache policy settings. Direct I/O is also the default setting.
     415==== Rebuilding a disk by hand when it doesn't occur automatically ====
     417I noticed that strange behavior on an IBM controller. Unplugging and pluging back a disk from an array doesn't make the controller rebuild the array with that disk.[[BR]]
     418Here is what to do:
     421server:~# megacli -PDlist -a0
     423Enclosure Device ID: 252
     424Slot Number: 4         
     425Device Id: 3           
     427Firmware state: Unconfigured(bad)
     429Secured: Unsecured
     430Locked: Unlocked
     431Foreign State: Foreign
     432Foreign Secure: Drive is not secured by a foreign lock key
     433Device Speed: 6.0Gb/s
     434Link Speed: 3.0Gb/s
     435Media Type: Hard Disk Device
     438The disk drive identified as ![252:4] ([enclosureid:slotnumber]) is currently 'Unconfigured(bad)'.
     440Make the drive online again:
     442server:~# megacli -PDMakeGood -PhysDrv[252:4] -a0
     443Adapter: 0: EnclId-252 SlotId-4 state changed to Unconfigured-Good.
     446The controller will now recognise the disk as being a "foreign" one. It means it has detected some RAID informations on it, and thus, considers it as a disk being part of an array that may be imported into current controller configuration.[[BR]]
     448We will now ask the controller to scan for foreign configuration and drop it:
     450server:~# megacli -CfgForeign -Scan -a0
     451There are 1 foreign configuration(s) on controller 0.
     453server:~# megacli -CfgForeign -Clear -a0
     454Foreign configuration 0 is cleared on controller 0.
     457The disk should now be available for getting back into the array.[[BR]]
     458Let's check it:
     460server:~# megacli -PDList -a0
     462Enclosure Device ID: 252
     463Slot Number: 4         
     465Firmware state: Unconfigured(good), Spun Up
     466Foreign State: None
     470We now need to figure out how that disk was identified inside the RAID array:
     472server:~# megacli -CfgDsply -a0
     474DISK GROUPS: 1
     475Number of Spans: 1
     476SPAN: 0           
     477Span Reference: 0x01
     478Number of PDs: 4   
     479Number of VDs: 1   
     480Number of dedicated Hotspares: 0
     481Virtual Disk Information:       
     482Virtual Disk: 0 (Target Id: 1)
     485Physical Disk: 2
     487Physical Disk: 3
     488Enclosure Device ID: 252
     489Slot Number: 5         
     490Device Id: 4           
     494Here is what's important here:
     496''Span Reference: 0x01'' is the number of the array (strip the 0x0 part).[[BR]]
     497We can see that ''Physical Disk: 2'' has no information, which means the drive is missing.[[BR]]
     499Now we have all we need to add the disk back into the array.
     501Get the disk [252:4] back into array 1, as disk 2:
     503server:~# megacli -PdReplaceMissing -PhysDrv[252:4] -array1 -row2 -a0
     504Adapter: 0: Missing PD at Array 1, Row 2 is replaced
     507And finally start rebuilding:
     509server:~# megacli -PDRbld -Start -PhysDrv[252:4] -a0
     510Started rebuild progress on device(Encl-252 Slot-4)
    416513=== 3.3.3. Periodic checks ===