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Debian Packages

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We provide a Debian repository containing all packages to install proprietary and opensource tools for you RAID card.

Please add deb branch main to /etc/apt/sources.list to access all packages.

distrib can be either debian or ubuntu.
branch can be lenny, squeeze, wheezy and sid for debian, or hardy, intrepid, jaunty and lucid for ubuntu.

In example, for current Debian stable release (Squeeze):
deb squeeze main

Theses packages are available for amd64 and i386 architectures. Sources packages are available as well (replace deb with deb-src).

Packages list

Here is a quick list of the available binary packages:

name version target amd64 i386
3ware-status 0.3 3Ware Eskalad 7000/8000/9000 XX
tw-cli 3Ware Eskalad 7000/8000/9000 XX
3dm2 3Ware Eskalad 7000/8000/9000 XX
aacraid-status 0.18 Adaptec AACRaid XX
adaptec-storage-manager-agent 7.30.18837-1 Adaptec AACRaid XX
adaptec-storage-manager-common 7.30.18837-1 Adaptec AACRaid XX
adaptec-storage-manager-gui 7.30.18837-1 Adaptec AACRaid XX
arcconf 7.30.18837-1 Adaptec AACRaid XX
hrconf 7.30.18837-1 Adaptec AACRaid XX
adaptec-universal-storage-snmpd 7.30.18837-1 Adaptec AACRaid XX
adaptec-universal-storage-mib 7.30.18837-1 Adaptec AACRaid XX
cciss-vol-status 1:1.09-2hwraid1 HP/Compaq SmartArray XX
hpacucli 8.25.5-1 HP/Compaq SmartArray XX
megaraid-status 0.9 LSI MegaRAID / MegaRAID SAS XX
megactl 0.4.1+svn20090725.r6-1 LSI MegaRAID / MegaRAID SAS XX
megamgr 5.20-1 LSI MegaRAID XX
dellmgr 5.31-1 LSI MegaRAID (Dell cards only) XX
megaclisas-status 0.9 LSI MegaRAID SAS XX
megacli 8.02.16-1 LSI MegaRAID SAS XX
megaide-status 0.2 LSI MegaIDE XX
megaide-spyd 7.24.26-3 LSI MegaIDE X
mpt-status 1.2.0-4.2.hwraid1 LSI FusionMPT XX
lsiutil 1.60-1 LSI FusionMPT XX
sas2ircu LSI FusionMPT SAS2 XX
sas2ircu-status 0.3 LSI FusionMPT SAS2 XX

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