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     1= Welcome to HWraid for GNU/Linux =
     5'''2008/08/26''' -- New available packages: megamgr (access MegaRAID
     6BIOS from Linux), dellmgr (same as megamgr, but Dell specific) and 3Ware
     73DM2 (web interface for all 3Ware cards).
     9'''2008/08/25''' --  I just finished to build all packages and create
     10the Debian repository.  All softwares are now available for Etch
     11amd64/i386 !
     13'''2008/08/25''' -- The website has just started up. 3ware page is
     14nearly finished and all kind of LSI cards have been listed.[[BR]]
     15We are working hard to fill the wiki.
     17This website aims to be the '''starting point''' for people wondering
     18how to use and manage and '''harware RAID''' HBAs on
     20There are many vendor and model of hardware controllers. Some are fully
     21supported on Linux, some are nearly unusable.
     23Having a kernel driver for the card is the first thing needed. However,
     24once it's done the sysadmin needs to be able to '''manage''', and of
     25course to '''keep in touch''' with the disks status to be able to
     26replace a failed disk as soon as possible.[[BR]]
     27This aspect is really important and we will try to tell you most of all
     28we know about '''opensource and proprietary tools''' used to
     29'''report''' card and disks status.
     31Please notice the information available on this site have been provided
     32by sysadmin on their free time in the hope it could be useful.[[BR]]
     33There's of course no warranty about all what's written or downloadable
     34here. However we do our best to have fully verified informations.
     36Please use the [ ticket system] to
     37report us any issue.
     39Enjoy! [[BR]]
     40''The HWraid Team''
     43= Starting Points =
     45 * [wiki:3Ware 3Ware cards]
     46 * [wiki:LSI LSI cards]
     47 * [wiki:Adaptec Adaptec cards]
     48 * [wiki:KnownCards List of known cards]
     49 * [wiki:KnownServers List of known servers]
     50 * [wiki:DebianPackages Packages for Debian Etch GNU/Linux (amd64,