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Welcome to HWraid for GNU/Linux

2012/08/21 -- hpaucli and megacli updated. Many thanks to Cyril Bouthors from ISVTEC for his donation!

2012/07/18 -- sas2ircu and sas2ircu-status updated and bugfixed. Ubuntu Intrepid and Jaunty repositories have been dropped, while Natty, Oneiric and Precise added.

2012/03/09 -- offered to handle the server cost! Many thanks to Online's guys.

2012/02/02 -- megaclisas-status has been updated to fix the duplicate disks issue. Many thanks to Nicolas Raspail for his patch! 3ware-status updated to handle different output on some cards. Nagios support added as well.

This website aims to be the starting point for people wondering how to use and manage and harware RAID HBAs on GNU/Linux.
There are many vendor and model of hardware controllers. Some are fully supported on Linux, some are nearly unusable.

Having a kernel driver for the card is the first thing needed. However, once it's done the sysadmin needs to be able to manage, and of course to keep in touch with the disks status to be able to replace a failed disk as soon as possible.
This aspect is really important and we will try to tell you most of all we know about opensource and proprietary tools used to report card and disks status.

Please notice the information available on this site have been provided by sysadmin on their free time in the hope it could be useful.
There's of course no warranty about all what's written or downloadable here. However we do our best to have fully verified informations.

Please use the ticket system to report us any issue and support us by clicking the "donate button" at the bottom of the page'''

Some people/corporates have already helped us. Thanks again for your support!

The HWraid Team

Starting Points

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